Steam wins silver Effie for ‘Working for the Ministry of Defence’ campaign

Oct 11, 2014

The Effie, the Netherlands’ most prestigious advertising award, is based not only on creative merits, but also on efficacy, taking into account the strategic thinking, the creative solution, and -very importantly -the results.

Over the past few years, Steam has worked hard on a new employer brand campaign together with this unique client: “Working for the Ministry of Defence: You just have to know how.” The new campaign replaced four separate campaigns for each of the armed services: the Navy, the Army, the Air Force and the Marechaussee.

Within two years of launch the campaign has built a strong, compelling and effective employer brand. The campaign brand awareness increased to 93%. The Public support for the Ministry of Defence doubled among the target demographic, with consideration up to 37% there is a significant shift in those prepared to consider a career in the military.

The contest jury unanimously crowned this exceptional success with a silver Effie. The jury enthusiastically praised the campaign’s consistency and unambiguous design, addressing the wide diversity of the target demographic while paying specific attention to each of the armed services. These factors made Steam’s unique recruitment campaign one of the absolute best marketing communication campaigns in the Netherlands of 2013-2014.