Rebuilding your agency

May 20, 2020

Rebuilding your Agency.

Most of us will face some re-building. The vast majority, if not all Tribe Members and Partners, have been impacted in some way. In Europe, Tribe Members and Partners in countries particularly badly hit by Covid-19 such as Spain, Italy and the UK face considerable re-building tasks. 

Covid-19, the great disruptor, has made agencies question their business models and strategies.

One Tribe Global’s great strengths is that we are all different, with a great range of learnings to share. Here are a few examples of how Tribe agencies are tackling their need to re-build.

Reviewing agency models and business strategies are taking place around the world. The classic 360 review is very much in evidence. 

Agencies are becoming more focused, either playing to their strengths or identifying the new skill-sets and capabilities needed to service their clients.

Regarding our clients, we see a range of re-building activities.

  • Focus on existing clients and help them re-build their brands.
  • Reinforce the need to be active and engaged with their consumers, despite the tough times they have suffered.
  • Understand the new needs of clients in a vastly transformed world.
  • Clients are changing the script and we expect to see more CSR activity, more support of their local communities and a greater empathy with their customers. How do we pivot to support these new approaches?
  • Recognise it’s not just about growth, but in some cases a move to safety and security of client brand.

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