One World Communications certified a Green Business - well done!

Nov 19, 2015

It’s official: Our members don’t create garbage. It’s so gratifying to be recognised for that. Read about One World Communication's recent certificate:

One World Communications is now a certified Green Business of the City and County of San Francisco! That means that we have been recognized for conserving valuable resources, implementing practices that lead to cost savings in energy, water, and garbage bills, and promoting the health and safety of our employees by using less toxic products.

We have ensured our energy usage is low by changing our light bulbs, the energy settings on our computers, and scheduling our HVAC system for only business hours. We have also added aerators to our sinks to make sure we are saving water, we’ve changed our janitorial services to only using Green certified products, and lastly, we have properly disposed of harmful cleaning products, paint, batteries, and spray cans.

OneWorld markets environmentally sustainable actions for many of our clients, among other marketing projects, so we are proud to be certified as a green business. Our vision is Market Truth™- which aligns with our belief in a green, sustainable world.

OneWorld is doing our part to save the environment and leave a smaller carbon footprint; you can make a difference too!