Never stop learning. (Ian Wright)

Jun 19, 2017

Last week I attended the Indie Summit in London as a guest of Julian Boulding, CEO of thenetworkone.
The summit is a yearly gathering of some great independent agencies from around the world, coming together to hear and learn from some inspiring speakers.
I’m glad that I cleared my diary and made time to go along.
Here’s five thoughts that captured my imagination and will undoubtedly influence my behaviour in the future.
Only focus leads to World Class. Focus on doing one thing and doing it right. Trying to be the 100m champion and Marathon champion at the same time will never work. (Professor, Dr Hermann Simon, Simon-Kucher & Partners))
Leadership is all about driving value creation. In order to do that you must – 1) master complexity, 2) orchestrate creativity, 3) build emotional commitment, 4) be an anchor in society and 5) create the next leaders. (Gizem Weggemans, Egon Zender)
You cannot do a marketing job today, without working very closely with your CIO. It is vital that everyone in a marketing role today understands the advances in technology, AI, the future of apps and the increasing power of google and facebook.
Challenger brands can make more impact with less budget, providing they use drama, create surprises, be interesting on the inside, make their secondary medium their primary medium and use other peoples resources. (Adam Morgan, eatbigfish)
And, 60% of social media users are lying! They’re not on holiday when they say they are, their marriages aren’t as great as they make out, they’re in when they say they are out and that restaurant they are supposedly dining in is actually a pizza in their lounge. They believe their own lies and advertisers might just be wasting their money targeting them.
A big thanks to all the Indie Summit speakers.

Author: Ian Wright, Tribe Global