Monthly Insights Collection - October 2020

Oct 26, 2020

We continue to bring you our monthly collection of insights from Tribe agencies. 

There’s a lot to catch up on this month! The Tribe dive into a multitude of topics including; how to make the communications industry more diverse and inclusive, 5 top tips for successful story pitching, the way forward to the “next normal”, how public relations boost digital performance, which online marketing channels really work and much more. 

Check in with us every month to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends from the communications industry. 

Ad Agents: Which online marketing channels really work. 

Wolfgang Schilling, Founder of performance marketing experts ad agents, has summarised which online marketing channels really work in his agency’s blog.

Read the blog here .

Bolin: The CMO Survey suggests role (and value) of marketing rising during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The results are in from the most recent iteration of the CMO Survey put out by Duke University ’s Fuqua School of Business marketing professor Christine Moorman. The long-running survey features a special COVID edition conducted in May this year and solicited the views of over 2,500 ‘for profit’ marketers, VP and above. Bolin review some of the key takeaways from the survey.

Read the blog here.

Comma: Building the bridge between design and development.

This is an issue that did not exist before. Where it used to be the norm to get started in Photoshop or Illustrator, this has now become too limited. How do you make your vision clear to colleagues and customers when you only have static views of a dynamic given as a website or app? Enter Adobe XD.

Read Comma’s blog here.

EGC Group: How public relations boost digital performance.

When looking to increase online leads, most marketers begin with digital tactics: SEO, search, and social. Traditional PR, often overlooked by direct response marketers and perceived as a branding tactic, can be a great way to increase lead generation, onside conversion, and also help convert existing leads to sales.

Read the blog here.

Fusion5: The way forward to the next normal 

We have always heard, “it’s a fast-moving world”, but now it seems as though the luxury of time has completely disappeared. There’s no denying the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has altered our lives, our mindsets, our routines, and might have altered our behaviour for many more years to come.

A new modus operandi for the ‘next normal’ is a necessity, and this re-modelling should be done following a few key mandates as the baseline. Fusion5’s Avni Ved explains more for Campaign Middle East .

Read the article here.

Honey&Buzz: How to connect with contactless experiential marketing. 

It will be “hands off” and more likely become “devices on” as brands look to further integrate the live, virtual and digital experience. We are all well used to tapping our phones to pay or to get on public transport. RFID technology allows us to simply and quickly interact and still feel like we are maintaining control. Honey & Buzz co-founder Jonny Davis explains how to connect with contactless experiential marketing in his latest blog.

Read the blog here.

Sinclair: 5 top tips for successful story pitching. 

A great way to enhance your client’s visibility and ultimately expand their client base is by winning press coverage. But you can’t just write a press release and expect journalists to come knocking at your door. Nikki McLucas at Sinclair explains how you can successfully pitch to journalists who receive hundreds of pitches every day.

Read the blog here.

Sing: The General Data Protection Act finally arrives in Brazil.

The much-spoken and anticipated, General Data Protection Act finally came into effect in the country. Much is said about  LGPD , but what impacts does it bring to the communications and PR? Sing's CEO Vânia Gracio addresses the topic in this article published on  Associação Brasileira O2O.

Read the article here.

Steam: What should you do to really make the marketing and communications more diverse and inclusive? 

The Dutch communications labour market suffers from worn patterns. It will have to be broken, to address campaign expressions more cultures and effectively encourage application. Steam conducted a Round Table discussion about this discrimination. In this article for Medium , read about the important conclusions from this discussion. 

Read the article here.

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