Monthly Insights Collection - November 2020

Nov 27, 2020

This month we have a new assortment of thought pieces, insights and trends from our Member agencies and business Partners.   

From Black Friday tips and Green Financing to how the entertainment industry is re-inventing itself, we have a HUGE selection of interesting topics to keep you up-to-date and inspired from the communications industry.

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Ad agents: Black Friday and Christmas shopping on Amazon.

Black Friday and Christmas shopping are upon us, parcel services and Amazon merchants are in high season! Sarah Timm, Amazon Services team leader at ad agents, shares three essential tips for sellers and vendors to benefit from the revenue boost for  Internet World

Read the article (in German) here

Billups: Delivering amazing in times of crisis.  talked to Benjamin Billups, founder of Billups, about out-of-home (OOH) technology and the effects of COVID-19.

Read the article (in English) here .

Cousteau: How the entertainment industry is reinventing itself. 

As we all know, 2020 has been slightly different, that’s why industries all over the world showed their creative side. From streaming concerts to “out of the box” music videos and collaborations between movie theatres and the gaming industry. The world of entertainment keeps evolving and technology seems to be the new buzzword. 

Read the article (in English) here

Defacto: How to positively overcome digital transformation

German powerhouse and entrepreneur Simone Lis talks to Defacto’s Jan M Möllendorf about what digital fluency means and how digital transformation can be overcome positively with this meta competence of the future. You can listen to the entire episode of the podcast ′′Digital Life Talk′′ (in German) for free here .

EGC Group: Fast Forward – Looking ahead to 2021.

In the episode, “Looking Ahead to 2021,” Nicole Penn, President of the EGC Group, presents an enlightening marketing strategy for businesses to plan for in 2021. This informative session outlines 10 key trends to put on your watch list for a successful year ahead.

Read the article (in English)  here .

Keeping small businesses alive in the era of 2021.

November 28th is the tenth anniversary of Small Business Saturday. It’s also the first time COVID-19 will be a factor to be mindful of on this day that celebrates local businesses. This year will be a challenge, particularly with the dramatic increase in diagnoses of COVID-19 cases. If you own a local business and planned on placing the “Shop Small®” badge on display on November 28, be prepared to adapt to a different experience than in the past. Jonathan Baker from EGC explains more in EGC’s agency blog. 

Read the article (in English)  here

Fusion5: A packed treasure chest and an empty toolbox.

Fusion 5’s Head of digital, Natale Panella, looks at the current state and future prospects of e-commerce grocery shopping in MENA in a new article for  Campaign Middle East .

Read the article (in English)  here

Gaudelli: International Tourism

Roberto Gaudelli, founder of Gaudelli has a guest column for  El Heraldo de Mexico  and in his latest article he discusses Tourism in Mexico and how international tourism has recovered with the application of sanitary measure.  

Read the article (in Spanish) here 

Honey + Buzz: We live in a digital world. (Yeah we do, yeah we do.)

Now for those of you playing along at home, we are currently facing a very serious  Social Dilemma – if you know, you know. So, how exactly do we capitalise on this situation, while also ensuring industries are remaking themselves, to reflect this new landscape of inclusivity and culturally credible experiences? The answer might surprise you! Honey + Buzz explain all in their newest blog, and share the stats to back it up. 

Read the article (in English) here

Ira Media: Coronavirus changed the consumption habits of us all. 

What are the consequences of the pandemic on consumers and brands? The Business Unit Director of Leadmark, Ira Media group, analyses the impacts of Coronovirus on

Read the article (in Greek) here .  

LightBlue: Young Enterprise Scotland interview with LightBlue’s David Balfour.

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020, LightBlue’s Co-Founder  David Balfour  was interviewed in November by  Young Enterprise Scotland  on his experiences and journey up until this point. 

Watch the interview (in English, with subtitles) here 

Sinclair: Small teams with big results – Independent agencies can disrupt the industry.  

The marketing industry continues to evolve as brands seek out increasingly innovative ways to engage consumers. As partners to brands and marketers, agencies need to meet the rising requirements from their customers or clients.  Marketing Interactive  talked to several agency practitioners and marketers, including Kiri Sinclair, CEO of Tribe Member agency Sinclair, to examine how boutique agencies can meet the modern needs of brands.

Read the article (in English) here

Steam: Why Employer Branding could use a dose of imperfection.

The core values of organizations, you know them: honest, reliable, cooperating, etc. But, do you really distinguish yourself with that? Jari Kloppenburg and Rens de Groot, from Member agency Steam came up with the Wheel of Perfect Values: full of beautiful sounding but actually hollow phrases. That's why they give 4 tips to depart from that and to go for imperfection. How? You can read this via Werf&’s blog.

Read the article (in Dutch) here


Need some insights on the rise of B2B influencers?You’ve come to the right place. Member agency Tangerine has taken their huge B2B research project and condensed it into five minute mini reports. Here’s the first and second videos (in English) in the series:

Watch Episode 1 (in English)  

Watch Episode 2 (in English)  

The Blueroom Project: How has tourism communication changed during the pandemic?

Maria Redondo, partner and director of The Blueroom Project explains all in an interview for  Top Communication

Read the interview (in Spanish) here . 

VitalBriefing: There are too many shades of grey in green financing. 

Is  green washing  actually a problem in the fund industry?Our Luxembourg Member agency VitalBriefing’s Editor-in-Chief Simon Gray argues the bigger issue is that it's often unclear how  green finance  is defined and measured in the first place. 

Read the article (in English) here

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