Monthly Insights Collection - August 2020

Aug 25, 2020

We have curated a collection of insights from our Member agencies and business Partners to share the latest news and trends from the Tribe Global network with you. 

From Portland to Hong Kong and from Dublin to Dubai, we will share the latest podcasts and articles discussing a mix of topics including marketing budgets, AI tech, radio, the beauty industry and more.

We hope you enjoy catching up on this month’s insights. If you would like to find out more about how Tribe Global or any of our Members/Partners can help you, get in touch with Elaine at .

Billups: Reclaiming the People’s Space with Chaucer Barnes Podcast 

A podcast hosted by Rick Robinson about the role and responsibilities of brands and agencies as they occupy public space.

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Bolin: Tradeshow cancelled? 5 ways to repurpose the budget. 

Fifteen years ago, trade shows were considered ‘old school’ and losing favor fast. The digital revolution would disrupt everything and huge in-person selling exhibitions would go the way of the Yellow Pages. Obviously, that didn’t happen and in fact trade shows and exhibitions have grown over the last decade into a $2.5 trillion industry. Then, along comes COVID and suddenly all bets are off for 2020 and 2021. Just as Zoom calls instantly replaced the in-person business meeting, how do you pivot quickly to rescue your 2020 business plan? 

Bolin share 5 areas to consider redirecting those trade show budget dollars before you lose them. 

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Cousteau: Digital Opportunities for the Car Industry.

One of the most important events in the car industry ‘The Geneva Motor Show of 2020’ was cancelled. Recently the organisation even announced to cancel the 2021 edition as well. Looking at the future, car brands will need to adapt/rethink their real-life event strategies in order to compete. Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz already transformed real-life shows in live-streamed online shows but there are many other ways to go digital. Cousteau take a look at some of the opportunities in their blog.

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EGC: Banking and the Benefits of AI tech

To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world dramatically would be at best an understatement. Every means of interacting, communicating and making transactions has been transformed. One transformation worth noting is the increased application of artificial intelligence (AI) in banking and financial services. In fact, it may be said that this crisis has inspired AI’s emerging role in banking… Jonathan Baker from EGC explains more.  

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Fusion5: Radio – Disrupted but Still Relevant

Covid-19 has changed consumers in many ways. So what does that mean for radio? Fusion 5’s Anthony Mchayleh examines the pandemic’s effects on a resilient medium.  

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Honey + Buzz: Where is Digital Heading in 2020? 

2020 has shown the need to be focused on customers’ emotional needs more than about the actual digital channels, technologies or techniques. Using digital marketing in 2020 has become about getting closer to people and listening to their wants – investing in conversations for longer-term gains in brand awareness and sentiment. Honey + Buzz’s Robin Moore explains where he thinks Digital is heading this year and shares some recommended readings.

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LIGHTBLUE: Remaking Beauty in a New Landscape.

Innovative trends are rising to the top and brands in the beauty space have a unique opportunity to tap into these trends and ensure they stay on top of the ever-evolving consumer. Looking at immersive beauty through a new lens, we are excited to share the latest technology that truly hits on the consumer’s needs and wants in today’s current climate. As we end 2020 and look beyond, we anticipate beauty brands diving into the latest and greatest tech in the world of augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive online stores and more. Consumers will see and feel that beauty is at their fingertips within their own home, on the road, or wherever their journey takes them.

Felicia Cruz, Senior Experiential Marketing Manager explains why the future of beauty is brighter than ever.  

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Sinclair: Creating Business Impact Requires Clearly Defined Objectives.

We’re always busy making plans, but how do you know when you’ve reached the finish line?

For any campaign to be successful, you need to set up targets and define a purpose so that internal and external teams know what everyone is collectively working towards – this is a key part of planning. Investing time into clearly defining your objectives will makes the difference between communications that drives noise and communications that creates real business impact.  

Sai Roshini offers a few suggestions for communications objectives and what’s good practice for setting this up for the team. 

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