Mediabridge become Tribe Global Partner

Feb 5, 2021

We are delighted to welcome Mediabridge to the Tribe, joining the Billups and Altermark partnership to give Tribe Global Members global coverage of Out-of-Home services.

Mediabridge CEO David Payne tells us a bit more.

Future Proofed Location Media

In today‚Äôs digital first world, location is the unifying datapoint connecting brands to audiences online and offline.  

Mediabridge is a new type of media company, a lens dedicated to understanding and evaluating the role of location in reaching audiences across media channels.   

As tech natives, location begins with outdoor media, targeting audiences utilising our location intelligence and automation platform, Bitposter.  We work globally, live in over 80 markets worldwide, and our teams provide a layer of valuable local context for right media right message.  

As a respected publisher partner, we have scaled access to media across channels, outdoor, mobile, social, and digital. 

From our headquarters in London, and alongside our best in class partners Billups and Altermark , we combine right location, context and media to deliver outcome based location media globally.

Mediabridge also have offices in Geneva, New York, Rio De Janeiro, Bucharest, Milan, Moscow, Istanbul, Shanghai, Mumbai and Kuala Lumpur.