Independent PR Agency Faktenkontor Joins the Tribe

Aug 19, 2021

Tribe Global is excited to welcome successful, award-winning PR agency Faktenkontor to the Tribe, expanding in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Cologne and Munich. Here's more information about our new Member agency from Dr. Roland Heintze, MD at Faktenkontor.

The independent owner-managed PR agency Faktenkontor was founded in 2003 by Managing Director Dr. Roland Heintze and Jörg Forthmann – emerging from the management consultancy Mummert Consulting. The clever combination of corporate and journalistic interests led to remarkable visibility in the media. This is how the idea of a fact-based communications consultancy with a Hanseatic businessman's spirit was born: the Faktenkontor. 

Faktenkontor is one of the fastest growing agencies in Germany. According to the major german market survey "Pfeffer's PR Ranking 2020", Faktenkontor is one of the ten most successful PR agencies in Germany. Despite the Corona crisis, the Faktenkontor Group was able to increase its fee income to 16.09 million Euros in 2020 and thus continue its growth course. Now the Faktenkontor Group employs around 150 people and is the fastest growing agency group in Germany.

Faktenkontor is a PR consultancy for corporate and data based communication, reputation management and crises pr. With a high level of industry expertise and sound analyses, we create market-relevant facts for our clients that ensure communication and media success and enable efficient reputation management. With the help of our three service modules "Analyse communication environment", "Conquer topic leadership" and "Manage reputation", we guarantee you: With us you will really reach your target group!

This is what Faktenkontor stands for:

  • In-depth analyses
  • Consequential strategies
  • Relevant contents
  • Fact-based communication

Our mission

Excellence enhanced. Excellence is not hip. Excellence is clarity. Toil. Enthusiasm for what's really right. That's what we stand for! Real success requires brilliance, which only comes from excellence - in analysis, in the strategy process and in implementation. You want success? So do we! As partners of our customers. 

Our positioning

Excellence creates value. We use the power of careful analysis to develop outstanding strategies for our clients, so that excellent results emerge in implementation. Our campaigns create relevance and lasting value.

Therefore Faktenkontor has set itself the goal of systematically developing its clients into topic leaders with good press relations - with measurable success. Thanks to our industry knowledge and excellent press contacts as well as digital expertise, we reach the media, platforms and multipliers relevant to your target groups and thus get you the attention you need. We know how to run really successful campaigns. 

The basis of our work is exciting facts about your market, which we collect and prepare for you. Based on this knowledge, you can prove to your target group that you have something to say about the relevant topics. Many claim this, but only very few companies can deliver. This difference in quality leads to a decisive advantage in communication with journalists, potential customers and stakeholders. With our help, you will achieve expert status and establish yourself as a topic leader. 

Faktenkontor helps you to achieve lasting media visibility and an excellent reputation. Our consultants and editors will design a comprehensive communication package for you and support you efficiently in its implementation. Due to our excellent contacts in the media landscape and to important influencers, we manage to make you visible where it really counts for your target groups.

In addition, we have been working on the topic of "Artificial Intelligence" in the Faktenkontor Group for five years now. This makes us one of the pioneers in the PR industry. 

Our focus

Data based communication. With our AI-supported analyses, we can provide our clients with both a quantitative and qualitative overview of the impact of their communication and optimise it with corresponding recommendations for action. Our clients can keep an eye on their brand's communication and that of their competitors in real time at all times and take countermeasures if necessary. They gain customised insights into their topics and areas of expertise and can actively manage their visibility and reputation, all the way to topic leadership.

Our key skills/competencies:

  • Overall communication strategies
  • Positioning strategies
  • Digital & social media strategies
  • Market research and monitorings
  • Reputation management
  • Corporate communication
  • Crisis communication
  • Reputation analysis / communications environment analysis
  • Data based consulting

Find out more about Faktenkontor and how they can help you  here .

Reach out to Roland at:

Tel.: +49 40 253185 110