How to Maintain Your Agency / Business Culture

Jul 22, 2020

In the last of our blog series “How Tribe Global are preparing for a new world once we emerge from Covid-19”, we asked our Members and Partners – How do you maintain your agency/business brand? 

Agency culture is really important for all of us, which is why we were very interested to hear how our agencies and partners will promote their culture and values, in particular when many of their people may be working remotely. 

Our previous blogs from the series have highlighted creativity throughout, and our final blog of the series is no different. 

Always championing creativity and building on client relationships was mentioned in our research. 

Our findings also identified that communication is essential to maintaining your company culture and brand. There are various ways that our Members and Partners have been using communication to keep their culture strong.

Regular contact was mentioned by many as being key, with agencies checking in with their staff on a daily/every other day basis. As well as daily communication, our Members organise weekly or bi-weekly status updates with the entire agency. Some are focused on new business, reminders of what it means to work at the agency, discussing short and medium-term plans, and how the pandemic is impacting the business, whilst other check-ins are for social sessions and include Friday virtual drinks, quizzes, surprise gifts etc. 

One Member agency mentioned the implementation of more ‘rituals’ in the team to increase connections amongst team members, such as sharing more information on their internal channels about how to learn and grow during this time, brainstorming more often with more team members to promote inclusion and having ‘looser’ daily meetings which incorporate an element of fun. 

Other agencies are introducing new values and improving their internal communication channels, or re-shaping internally to focus on their initial values. 

Allocating team leaders to manage the offline and online cliques among employees, acting as a gatekeeper to motivate, inspire and keep the company culture going has proved successful for one of our Members. 

And lastly, to encourage fun social activities to keep employees close, some Tribe agencies play online games together and have online parties at the weekend! 

Now more than ever, agencies and businesses should be focussing on the importance of how each employee plays their part in maintaining agency culture and nurturing the DNA that makes an agency attractive to the clients who they work with.

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(Image courtesy of DaGusto)