Has Instagram Changed the Way We Travel?

May 7, 2019

By the social media department at Dagré | Agence Dagré , France | com@dagre.com

There is no denying that Instagram has become a land of dreams. We see people (famous or not) traveling to fantastic places, experiencing unique moments, always smiling and registering everything in a way that makes us want to book a flight tomorrow. 

What is posted on Instagram has, undoubtedly, an impact on people's choices. That's why major brands pay thousands of famous Instagrammers with many followers to promote clothing, cosmetics, restaurants, hotels, and nowadays even travel destinations.

Instagram allows you to dream about places, cultures, other ways of being and living. In the Instagram profiles of travelers or destinations with millions of followers we seek the dream and also the inspiration to travel. Being so visual and based on photos, we forget the main thing – to enjoy our trip. Instead of living the actual moment we focus on taking cool pictures which will bring us more 'likes' on Instagram. Somehow we forgot that reality isn't what happens online, reality is now.

However, Instagram always shows just the highlights and the best images of the world. If you are choosing your next travel destination on Instagram you will probably see perfect and fantastic pictures. Some of those pictures even look unreal. There have been some terrible accidents simply because people wanted to get the perfect photo. In 2015, a 24-year-old girl was killed when she tried to recreate a famous image in Trolltunga, Norway. The same thing happened in 2014 when a Polish couple overtook the security barrier at Cape Roca and accidently fell off the cliffs. 

This shows how far people are capable of going to achieve the perfect picture. That has become a priority of every trip and adventure. The perception of tourism has changed and even in museums people are more focused on taking pictures of works of art rather than enjoying them. 

Travel outside of Instagram.

The solution is not to stop traveling, but to travel more consciously. A trip is not just a photo. The real experiences are not those ones that we create on social networks. More than making photos equal to that of the Instagram idol and pretending to win happiness, it is better to feel happiness. When you do things with open mind and heart, you live longer, you absorb more of everything and you can share it in a unique way and moment. This is travel! The destinations have to offer these experiences to tourists and visitors, and the agencies in charge of destination branding to promote destinations have to create content instead of buying images. Even if they are wonderful.

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