Filmmakers Keep the Camera's Rolling

May 26, 2021

At the beginning of the year, we welcomed  PSN – Production Service Network  into the Tribe Shop. As a top-tier selection of production service companies, PSN are exclusively vetted and well-versed at executing campaigns in more than 100 countries for leading brands, helping producers to achieve the best creative results within their budgets.  

With the addition of PSN we now have the go-to resource for producers shooting film and photo projects abroad. Everything in our shop is designed to give our Members & Partners business advantage, whether that be a business tool or a book, and we are delighted to offer our network an exclusive deal with PSN!

Although the pandemic has made it extremely difficult for the filmmaking industry, creative measures have been taken to keep the camera’s rolling in film hubs around the world. Luckily there has been a huge demand for content as consumers looked to digital entertainment to provide them with a welcome distraction. 

Covid-19 has definitely made life more difficult for casts and crew with large bubbles of casts and programme makers required for filming. Additionally, more unpredictable timelines due to the need to shut down shoots for positive Covid tests, and shifts in locations as a result of travel restrictions are just a few factors which have made things harder.

The industry stayed strong and worked hard to get crew and talent back on set. A great example from PSN which shows outstanding teamwork is the 8-week production of  Love Island  in Mallorca last summer, with 350 cast and crew and not one single positive case of Covid! An incredible achievement.

PSN’s Managing Director, Michael Moffett, explores more ‘Innovations from Behind the Mask’ in his latest blog post, featuring examples from  Canada GooseCoca-ColaHBO Max series The Flight Attendant  and many more. 

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