Feelings of our network as we battle with Covid-19

May 26, 2020

How are you feeling at the moment?

This was the first question that we asked in our research. We wanted to gauge the mood of the Tribe as they battled with Covid-19.

The strongest feeling was Focused

This was followed by Determined and Hopeful. Not surprisingly, Worried came in at No4 followed by Creative. Thankfully, scores for Helpless, Lost, Pessimistic and Scared were low or zero.

Last week I spoke at Virtual Mirren and I suggested that a Leadership strategy that combined focus, determination, hope and creativity along with more human skills such as accessibility, visibility and empathy will play out really well in today’s world.

These scores demonstrate the strength and belief of independent agencies in the current crisis – they are agile, responsive, flexible and quick to move, unlike many of their competitors. And not only are they getting the job done, they are also getting ready for a new future.

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