Faktenkontor Merges to Become PER Agency GmBH

Jan 26, 2023

Faktenkontor, deep digital and Havana Orange, pool their competencies in PER Agency GmbH.

Beginning this year, Faktenkontor , deep digital and Havana Orange  will merge into the newly- founded, PER Agency GmbH. The three companies who are communications, digital and creative specialists will combine their portfolios to form a comprehensive range of services.

About PER Agency GmbH

PER will be located in Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. As part of the Faktenkontor Group which boasts over 20 years’ market experience, PER will contribute to the growth and internalisation of the Group to achieve promotion as the Top 5 owner- managed agencies in Germany.

In characterising the core elements of a communications consultancy, PER stands for:

  • P- Performance
  • E- Evidence
  • R- Relevance

PER will continue to focus on data-based approach and keep up the growth of all three companies by increasingly winning international clients. With above-average performance, evidence-based communication and relevant content, PER supports its clients in the development and implementation of cross-channel communication solutions.

Four experienced experts complete the leadership team. Dr. Roland Heintze, founder and Managing Director of Faktenkontor becomes PER's sole managing director alongside Katja Schramm, previously Unit Director at Faktenkontor who is now responsible for "Corporate Communications". Additionally, Stefan Ehgartner, former COO of Havana Orange, will take over new business and the internationalisation of PER as Head of Corporate Marketing with Michael Reuter, previously Managing Director at deep digital, now responsible for Career and Digital.

Speaking of the new merger, Dr Roland Heintze says: “with PER, we are conquering new frontiers” and “positioning ourselves more broadly and driving our growth even in the current crisis. We believe in evidence-based communication solutions - not only in Germany but also internationally".

For more information about this exciting merger, visit their website here.