Encouraging customers to Take a Pause - Skipton Building Society campaign

Jan 15, 2017

Well it has been a busy few months at BJL towers as we’ve been getting to know our new client Skipton Building Society and developing an integrated campaign for them. It’s all based around the concept of encouraging customers to take a pause and think about their financial future.

The idea was premiered to colleagues and their social community first, then hit cinemas on Friday the 13th and TV on the 16th January. As this is Skipton’s first television advert and campaign for a decade, we are especially proud to have been involved.
The TV ad prompts viewers to take a pause moment of their own when the action and audio suddenly stops before a voiceover reminds them to think about how they might plan their retirement finances.
The supporting social content for Skipton’s Facebook and Twitter accounts follow a similar creative path, and we’re keen to see how customers engage with the new campaign.
This is a major new marketing campaign for the Building Society, which includes direct mail, digital and social activity, plus branded assets for use throughout 2017.
Our client Lynne Cook, Head of Marketing at Skipton Building Society, explains the thinking behind the campaign: “We wanted to find a way to speak to people directly about the things that mean the most to them, including their finances.
“Taking time out of our busy lives isn’t easy, we all know that, so we wanted to create a gentle reminder, a moment in time that would inspire people to take a pause – and perhaps use it to think about their future, how they manage their money, and how we can help with that.”
Our Creative Director, Richard Pearson, was looking for ways to disrupt and engage the audience. He explains: “Skipton came to us with a real challenge – ‘how do you get people to make time to think about or plan for their financial futures?’
“The ‘Take a Pause’ campaign has been designed to break through the endless chatter and multi-tasking of everyday life to offer genuine moments of reflection and real opportunity for change. We hope that by giving people this little bit of extra thinking space, it will help them make that decision to get in touch with Skipton’s expert advisors and find the best solution for their financial future. We’re keen to see the long-term impact it will have.”