Employer branding experts Steam and Talmark join forces.

Mar 26, 2021

Two leading employer branding communication agencies have joined forces: campaign developer Steam and digital agency Talmark

From March 8th 2021, Talmark became part of the Steam group. Both agencies see a growing need in the market for an integrated approach to employer branding and online recruitment; from strategic personnel planning and campaigning to the realisation of recruitment sites and the link with recruitment systems. This combination creates an agency group that can offer a suitable strategy and solution for every structural and urgent recruitment question. Both agencies will continue to use their own brand names.

Steam’s Marco van Rookhuijzen says: "We see an enormous fragmentation within the employer branding field, small agencies with partial solutions. At the same time, we notice that our clients are increasingly turning away from such a patchwork approach. It's logical, because making your employer brand a success requires an integrated approach to your talent journey. Internal experience, external recruitment, from campaigning to on-boarding; if you want to do it right, make sure all the cogs work well together. We have always been good at that, but it is in the new combination of Steam and Talmark that we are even more well equipped to take control and support our customers with this.”

Talmark’s Ricardo Risamasu says: "Steam's strategic and campaign expertise and Talmark's digital specialism in recruitment and employer branding complement each other perfectly. But our merger goes beyond a full-service approach and digitisation. We not only want to offer clients the best solution in every part of the talent journey, but also improve collaboration across the entire chain. To bring your employer brand to life, you need to offer people a total experience. This naturally applies to large organisations, but smaller employers also perform better if they are serious about their employer branding. "

The new Dutch agency group creates a powerful player in labour market communication. Talmark is originally strong in design, digital and data and develops employer brands, recruitment sites and campaigns. Steam has a long track record as a creative brand agency with successful job market campaigns. Steam works with approximately 25 employees for clients such as; the Ministry of Defence, the Police, the Tax Authorities, the Custodial Institutions Agency and UMC Utrecht. Talmark works with approximately 20 employees for clients such as ANWB, Essent, TenneT, the NCOI Training Group and specialised agencies such as BeljonWesterterp, BKV and Compagnon. Talmark's management will remain in office and they have committed themselves to this new collaboration for several years. Steam and Talmark form a future-proof combination in the changing world of work with "touch and tech".

Steam is also a Founding Member of Tribe Global. 

Find out more about the Steam group  here .