Employer Branding: Discover and communicate your culture

Jun 18, 2017

Hi. We are Steam. An Amsterdam based agency specialized in Employer Branding and proud member of Tribe Global. From fundamental strategies to refreshing creative concepts. Employer Branding is what we do. All day, every day. So why do we think Employer Branding is important for an organization? Why should you invest in Employer Branding? And what is about?

Employees are invaluable when it comes to the success of your organization. Engaged people are more productive, more profitable, nurture greater customer loyalty and reach higher customer retention.

Therefore recruiting talent that fits your organization is not only important for the HR department, it is a crucial business asset. So how is it done?

By doing two things. First of all it is about discovering and communicating the culture of your organization. Your right to exist. Your identity. Your WHY.

A strong culture serves as a common goal. A purpose you want to contribute to. A reason to work hard for. It creates mutual respect amongst employees and a sense of belonging. These are all significant needs for people to feel confident and be motivated to perform at their best. Moreover, talents who identify themselves with your culture will stay longer and be brand ambassadors for life.

The second part of a successful Employer Brand is about making the why relevant to your target audience. Selling a job is something else than selling a bag of crisps. Employer branding is about setting up a relationship between an organization and talent. So talent needs to know: what’s in it for me.

Discover your culture. Attract and retain talent by communicating the WHY of your company and making it relevant to your target groups. That’s what employer branding is all about.