Employee Exchanges = Retention + Motivation + Growth

Oct 21, 2019

For most agencies today, finding and retaining talent in today’s economy has never been more challenging. The once flashy allure of working in marketing has been dimmed a bit by sexy startups, tech firms and consultancy firms. Add to that the fact that our industry has always struggled to pay top dollar for rock star recruits.

It goes without saying that young people today are looking for more than just a pay-check from their employer. They’re looking for a sense of purpose, flexibility and experience. One if the more innovative and interesting benefits Tribe Members enjoy is the ability to send their high-potential employees to another Tribe agency in another part of the world, through an employee exchange programme.

What began somewhat organically has now been replicated many times in many ways throughout Tribe. Send your rising star Art Director to Amsterdam for a week to work on a new business pitch? Your 29 year-old social media manager to Portland, Oregon to refine their video editing skills? Or maybe your media director to London to learn how transnational campaigns are built through EMEA. A week, a month, 3 months. All is possible.

Some Members have formalised the Global Xchange process within their agencies through an annual application process. Others use it opportunistically to reward or incentivise a key employee. Regardless of how you structure it, creating enriching and learning experiences for your employees through the Tribe Global Xchange Programme becomes a valuable recruitment and retention strategy for growing your business.

To find out more about Tribe Global Membership or our Global Xchange Programme please email our Global Ops Manager - Elaine

Todd Bolin is CEO of Bolin Marketing  (Minneapolis) and serves as Chair of Tribe Global.