Dagré Celebrate 10,000 days of the Agency

Sep 28, 2020

"For 10,000 days, we have been adapting to the changes that are shaking up the world, and communications."

When you've been a start-up for 10,000 days, you know that expertise grows in line with changes in the business, technological changes and customer demands. But also, depending on the more general context in which the agency operates. To say that Covid-19 has turned things around is an understatement. And our expertise has been further refined to respond to this particular situation and adapt our strategies and methodologies. To say that we are present in all areas of communication and that we are capable of meeting all challenges, for us, is not a posture, but a reality. In fact, our expertise has been recognized by Stratégies , the leading magazine for communication professionals, which named the agency among the 70 most influential agencies in France. And that does mean something. 

The confinement linked to Covid-19 has reinforced our ability to adapt under all circumstances. Yet for us, adaptation should not rhyme with reaction, but with anticipation. Technical development has brought about many changes in the way of approaching communication, with the predominance of digital, social networks and now influencers. We have always anticipated these developments by structuring ourselves. 

Today, our expertise in influencing does not happen by accident. The arrival of artificial intelligence is another game-changer for agencies and when we observe the audience drops in traditional media - both radio and television - it confirms our strategy to develop influence.

The agency’s expertise continues to evolve. We must always go faster, always be more responsive, within constrained budgets. But it's really exciting because it also forces us to find the talents to meet this requirement and to anticipate the changes to come, and there have been a lot of them for over 27 years! And there will undoubtedly be many more. At Dagré hope that they will always subscribe to a low carbon approach.

At the agency, we support clients who are very eager to choose their communication strategy based on its carbon emissions. Large groups are taking their turn and we are proud to be recognized today in an approach that was solitary for a long time and which still is in certain respects. 

Indeed, our awareness pushed us to model the appropriate tool, to develop an expertise which, associated with a real technical innovation, means that we are still today the only ones in France, to be able to establish a CO₂ benchmark on the design, creation, production and dissemination of any type of communication campaign. And what we offer our customers, we also implement it internally. Thus, since 2008, we have been calculating, reducing and compensating for the CO₂ emissions emitted by our operations. A deep conviction which guides us on a daily basis and which allows us to see the future with optimism!

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