Agency Network Collaboration for Finnebrogue

Aug 12, 2020

One Tribe, Many Vibes. This phrase aptly describes the diverse skill-sets, cultures and experiences within the Tribe Global network. 

Together, Tribe agencies can form powerful, virtual teams who can tap into each other’s strengths and bring to bear resources from source markets around the globe on an as-needed basis.

In the first blog of the series, we take a look at two of our UK based Member agencies and how they are working together to achieve excellent results for the UK's leading artisan food producer -  Finnebrogue .  


Creative agency Family in Edinburgh teamed up with integrated communications agency  You  in London to pitch for Finnebrogue, based in Northern Ireland. 

After winning the business, both Member agencies collaborated together to develop integrated campaigns to promote Finnebrogues various food ranges in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The challenge was to create campaigns to support Finnebrogues bacon and ham, and their new meat free range.

Strategic Approach

The media campaigns included TV, OOH including mega digital poster sites in London, food magazines, supermarket campaigns, digital and social activity.

A campaign tracking programme was put in place to measure the campaign effectiveness and look at change in areas receiving advertising and those not.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Family and You also supported Finnebrogue with a project which called upon Ireland's unemployed hospitality staff to ease the current pressures on the food industry due to the presence of COVID-19.


Prior to the 2019 activity, Finnebrogue had not advertised before. The key results achieved so far show great success.

 - Business is trading +30% year on year (which will include the Covid-19 effect)

 - Uplift in supermarket sales in promoted areas ranges from 7 – 18% compared with non-promoted areas.

 - The recent TV campaign has added between 5-10% to bacon sales.

Going forward, new campaigns are being planned for Autumn 2020 to support existing products and new ranges.

These results echo the strong collaboration between Family and You to achieve successful results for their client. 

Whether our Members and Partners are joining forces to add a new skill-set to their offering for a project, to provide expert local knowledge, or to help launch a product or service in a new market, the collaboration between these powerful teams is essential in helping independent agencies punch above their weight. 

If you would like more information about how Tribe Global or any of our Members/Partners can help you, please get in touch with Elaine at