A Tribe Global Collaboration for Chiquita

Nov 8, 2022

Tribe Global’s agency network is all about empowering, inspiring and connecting independent agencies and business, which is why we were super excited to hear about the latest network collaboration for Chiquita bananas! Keep reading to find out more about the project and the teams involved.

Billups  collaborated with Tribe Global partners  Mediabridge  and  Max Media  for their client Chiquita’s OOH campaign in London and Greece. Partnering with these agencies allowed Billups to successfully navigate varied client approaches – from the Global marketing team to the local, in-market brand managers who engaged with the campaign daily. 

Their London solution was skill-fully planned with Mediabridge to bring brand awareness through an impact-driven Wrapped Double Decker campaign. In Greece, where their goal was both awareness and targeted retail support, the Max Media team recommended a surgical approach targeting key areas of the market with a media mix of formats (Posters, Transit Shelters, Wrapped Trams, etc.) The launch was a success, and when we asked Billups for their feedback they said, “We are grateful to have worked with such amazing partners in the Tribe Global network.”

Another happy client and a brilliant success story!

To find out more about how Tribe’s global network of independent communications agencies and businesses can help your brand, get in touch with Elaine Miller at:  elaine.miller@wearetribeglobal.com