5 French Must See Travel Programmes

Feb 23, 2018

Solène Zores, Account Manager | Agence Dagré , France | com@dagre.fr

To discover or rediscover destinations in an original way, that is the theme of these original French programmes. New experiences, humour etc. These shows make viewers travel from the comfort of their sofa's, in a funny and unusual way while enriching their culture. 

1- VERY FOOD TRIP, a beautiful taste around-the-world.

Very Food Trip is a broadcast on Planete + which takes viewers for a culinary round-the-world trip. Marine Mandrila and Louis Martin cross 10 countries: Lebanon, India, Nepal, China, Vietnam, Siam, Japan, Mexico, Peru and Brazil. They cook with residents, discover unknown foods, foreign spices, share meals with the residents and much more. 

2- THE NEW EXPLORERS, for the constantly curious.

The theme of the show The new explorers (« Les nouveaux explorateurs » in French) on Canal + is simple: a new country, a new theme. We discover a lot of themes and get the chance to see the world from a different angle. Here are some examples of the themes from the these shows:

- Don’t tell my mother: Diego Buñuel, war correspondent, offers viewers a different angle on war/tension zones.

- Globe Cooker: Frédéric Chesneau, a chef, gets to the root of recipes and ingredients.

- Nomad Land: Christophe Cousin reports about nomad populations from the Himalayas and Siberia.

- Music, sport, trains, culture… This broadcast touches on numerous themes and goes round the world thanks to original subjects.

3- I’LL STAY AT YOUR PLACE, living with local residents.

I'll stay at your place ('J’irai dormir chez vous' in French) is a French programme which is broadcast on France 5. Antoine de Maximy goes all over the world, with the objective of inviting himself to sleep at local residents homes. This programme allows viewers to see directly into the culture and local life of the country where Antoine de Maximy is. Between good and bad encounters, humour, a lack of understanding, sharing moments and situations full of tension, the viewers share the daily life of Antoine de Maximy and discover the world with him. 

4- NAKED AND DARING, an off the wall programme.

Naked and Daring ('Nus et culottés' in French) is an off the wall programme on France 5. Two travellers, Nand and Mouts, have the objective to realise their dreams of seeing a bear in the Pyrenees, meeting a druid in Brittany and much more, but they embark on their journey naked, with no money. Throughout the show they gradually gain clothes thanks to swaps, favours and generosity from the people they meet along the way. This TV show is funny but allows the viewer to take a step back from the world, with beautiful life lessons to learn along the way.

5- TRAINS NOT LIKE ANY OTHER, humans at the heart of travel.

Trains not like any other ('Des trains pas comme les autres' in French) is broadcast on France 5. It is a programme which is filmed wholly on trains. Every episode shows one or more country, through a route on railway lines. The viewers discover unusual, archaic or state-of-the-art trains and also the history, culture and residents of every country. The broadcast is original because it takes place completely onboard trains. The human dimension is very strong, because meetings and conversations are at the heart of this broadcast.

Thanks to these types of TV shows, we have the opportunity to discover the world differently. If you're constantly curious, these programmes are for you! 

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