3 Aspects that Clients will Value Most Highly from your Agency

Jul 1, 2020

We continue our blog series ‘How Tribe Global are preparing for a new world once we emerge from Covid-19’ with today’s blog looking at the following question - What do you think are the 3 things that clients will value most highly from your agency?

An important question to think about now as Tribe Members and Partners around the world work through different stages of the pandemic, with some agencies already back to their offices and back to a new version of normal. 

The most highly valued aspect that our network identified was creativity. 

Trust, strategic thinking, efficiency and reliability were all ranked equally as the second most highly valued skills in the eyes of clients. 

And the combined third most highly valued aspects were flexibility, being pro-active, result driven and the service that Tribe Members and Partners provide to their clients.

Our findings also suggest that clients will value good long-term cooperation and agencies who really understand their business. Openness and straight-shooting were highlighted as being important, as was going above and beyond for clients. 

Does this sound like you? 

Creativity is a theme that appears throughout the findings from our Covid-19 research, with our network identifying creativity in approaching business and producing creative products seen as a top strength of Tribe Members and Partners to support clients. ‘Creative’ was also highlighted as one of the top five feelings that the Tribe are feeling as they battle with Covid-19.  And being creative in problem solving for clients was seen as important in our findings. 

Independent agencies who are blending creativity, trust, strategic thinking etc. with innovative ideas, while growing even stronger relationships with their clients, will be highly valued and will guide their clients and brands to a new level of relevance in this new world.  

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