Tribe Global Founders

The Making of a Network.

There was a definite chill in the winter air that evening in Luxembourg back in 2011. But inside the house of Daniel Eischen and Françoise Reuter, the atmosphere was warm and festive as the heads of a dozen agencies gathered from around the world.

This group was not just some random gathering of agency owners, but rather a coming together of like-minded, genuine friends introduced to each other through another network many years before.  On this occasion, they had spent the day crystalising a vision that had been formulating in casual, private conversations for years but up to this point had not been acted upon. On that day, the decision to move forward and create something new was unanimous. That evening, everyone in attendance knew that something truly special had just been created.

That something new would quickly become known as Tribe Global, a network of independent marketing and communication agencies from around the world. To be sure, a foundational pillar of this venture was deep respect and friendship each of the founders had for each other. Beyond that however, was a like-minded approach to business and life, which further cemented the resolve of that founding group to succeed. Those ideals of respect, friendship and common purpose live on as the network expands and diversifies by adding high quality agencies with new skill sets in markets around the world.

Independent agencies owners can be a curious lot. Most who thrive in the business are intelligent, outgoing and curious with an insatiable desire to solve client problems. Entrepreneurial, of course. But the job can often feel insular and solitary without a board of directors or peer group to consult with, learn from and share business with. A trusted, international peer group would give its Members instant global scale and credibility, with permission to have global perspective regarding whatever client challenge they face.

Over the next few months, the group re-assembled for an additional planning meeting in Amsterdam and the official launch of the network on January 27, 2012 in London. Organisationally, a board of six was formed and elected Daniel Eischen (Concept Factory, Luxembourg) as its first chairman. Ian Wright (Family, Scotland), signed on as the network’s Managing Director. And, the rest as they say, is history! 

Founding Members:

Jonathan Hall  - Adstore  | London | Email:

Nicky Unsworth  - BJL | Manchester | Email:

Todd Bolin  - Bolin Marketing | Minneapolis | Email:

Jean Dagré  - Agence Dagré | Strasbourg | Email:

Claus Schuster  - Defacto | Erlangen | Email:

Ian Wright  - Family | Edinburgh | Email:

Roberto Gaudelli  - Gaudelli MCW | Mexico City | Email:

Vasken Kalayjian  - GK Brand | New York | Email:

Daniel Eischen  - Concept Factory | Luxembourg | Email:

Patrick Bérézowsky  - Punktzwei | Dusseldorf | Email:

Marco van Rookhuijzen  - Steam | Amsterdam | Email:

Turab Lakdawala  - Tempest Advertising | Hyderabad | Email:

Nick Mann  - YOU Agency | London | Email: